Month: March 2013

Free Exercise Tips – For Weight Loss and Fitness

Free Exercise Tips – For Weight Loss and Fitness

Starting an exercise program, whether for fitness, weight loss or just to feel and look good is a positive step. There are so many benefits from exercise. However, it is important to commence an exercise program correctly so that you don’t burn out early, or worse, get injured and give up. Here are some free exercise tips to help you get your exercise program off on the right foot.

1. Set personal goals.
It is important to set long and short term goals for yourself. Long term goals help you go the distance. Short term goals help you keep on track. If you have a goal to lose a certain amount of weight, or cover a certain distance on your bike in a given amount of time at a predetermined time in the future, you will be more likely to strive to achieve the goal and stay focused.

2. Start at a pace you are comfortable with.
Everyone says it – but it is important. Firstly, get a medical check up if you have not exercised for a while. Second, start any exercise program slowly, so your body can adapt to the new stresses you are placing on it. Follow this tip and you are much more likely to get through the first few months, rather than burn out and give up.

3. Get an Exercise Program or Schedule.
Following a pre-set exercise program or schedule is important to give you direction and get the most out of exercising, and importantly, will stop you overtraining and burning out. Most weight training programs recommend that you focus on a body part every second day to allow for recovery of the muscle group. Having direction will ensure you keep coming back.

4. Reward Yourself when you Achieve Targets
Rewarding yourself by buying something you need/want when you hit a certain weight loss target, or beat your personal best time for a given distance, will continue to inspire you to achieve, and will keep you focused on your goals.

5. Choose exercises you Enjoy.
On of the most important exercise tips I can give you is to choose exercises that you enjoy. If you get bored on a treadmill, get outdoors and see the sights as you jog. The same applies for exercise bikes, and getting out on the road. If you enjoy other peoples company, join an aerobics class. You could even do karate to get exercise while learning another skill. Do what you love and you will continue to do it.

Check out the top 10 exercise tips for losing weight [] and these free weight loss exercise programs []. Learn about your optimal fat burning heart rate. The key is to enjoy what you do. Good luck.


Exercise Tips to Lose Weight Fast – 5 Quick Exercise Tips For Rapid Weight Loss

Exercise Tips to Lose Weight Fast – 5 Quick Exercise Tips For Rapid Weight Loss

Do you really want to lose weight fast? In this article you’ll learn the 5 quick exercise tips for rapid weight loss. Exercise does not have to be drudgery. You just need to learn the right way to do it.

The first exercise tip to lose weight fast is not to work too hard. There’s a difference between work hard and work smart. Your body needs sufficient rest to recover. Moreover, overtraining will make you feel bored and exhausted. Start with light and slow exercises and avoid ambitious workouts. Losing weight is a gradual process.

The second exercise tip for rapid weight loss is to exercise without tense. If you relax, you would not get tired quickly and your exercise will be more effective. Having a target or vision is highly recommended. But, having unrealistic goals like “I must lose 15 pounds by next Wednesday” just would not do any good.

The third exercise tip to lose weight fast is to breathe properly. Although this may sound like a ‘baby’ tip, many have overlooked this. Oxygen is important in allowing energy to be used effectively. It’s simple, if energy is not used effectively, less fat will be burnt.

The forth exercise tip to lose weight fast is to create a group of people who has similar goals like yours. A group may consist of 2 to 5 people. This group will be your first stop if you face any difficulties or feel down along the way. You do really need this kind of support to keep you going.

The last exercise tip for rapid weight loss is the most important thing. Remember, exercise only accounts 20% of your weight loss success. The other 80% is determined by your diet. If you really want to achieve rapid weight loss, the last thing you want to do is eating the wrong food.

There are tons of workouts out there. My advice is to pick the ones that suit you. Hopefully, these 5 exercise tips to lose weight fast will be of help.